West Midlands Electrical Maintenance Services

We’re so used to having all the electricity we need at the flick of a switch that if we do experience a power cut it’s a real shock. We try the light a few times to make sure. Then we run from room to room, looking out of the window to see if anyone else is experiencing the same problem. Then we’ll check online, phone friends … all in all, loss of electricity stops us in our tracks and leaves us feeling helpless.

Domestic power cuts are annoying, but you can always pop out to escape the frustration. If you’re at work when the lights go out, or you run your own business, every moment without electricity is a moment which will be impacting your bottom line. CLS Total Solutions is committed to keeping the lights on across the West Midlands. Their electrical maintenance services are designed to minimise the potential for power failure disruption at home or at work.

Electrical Maintenance In The Home

The CLS Total Solutions team offer domestic electrical services across the West Midlands. Most of the householders we work with don’t know what the signs of electrical trouble are, because the wiring’s hidden away in the walls. For peace of mind, we recommend regular maintenance checks – especially if you’re living in an older property.

One thing we suggest to all our residential customers is to keep an emergency box in case of power cuts. The things you’re likely to need are: a torch, candles, matches, spare batteries and the details of your electricity provider.

Commercial Electrical Contractor for the West Midlands

It is mandatory that all workplace electrical systems are regularly maintained in order to safeguard employees that have to work with them. Compliance is a baseline for the CLS Total Solutions team. We prioritise safety, but beyond that we want to ensure that West Midlands businesses are at minimal risk from electrical disruption.

In order to achieve this, we create tailored maintenance schedules for businesses. These are based on the budget they have available, and range of electrical installations that need maintaining. Our electrical maintenance checklist includes:

West Midlands Industrial Electrical Contractor

Industry, like the commercial sector, is mandated to carry out basic electrical checks. Businesses using heavy plant have the most to lose from electrical faults. CLS Total Solutions provides tailored maintenance and repairs to ensure that factory settings are both safe, and resilient when it comes to their electrical installation.

Local Electrical Maintenance Services

CLS Total Solutions is a Birmingham-based electrical contractors, providing maintenance services to all sectors across the West Midlands. Whether you live in Dudley, Sutton ColdfieldCoventry or Stourbridge, our electrical maintenance team can be with you promptly. And if you need emergency repairs in the event of power failure, call us and we’ll be there straight away.

Working With CLS Total Solutions

We set up the business with a clear aim, to provide excellent electrical services to homes, businesses and industry across the West Midlands. Over the past few years we’ve developed a network of clients, many of whom learnt about us by word-of-mouth. We always work with the goal of turning a ‘one-off’ job into a long term professional relationship. This ensures that all the work we do meets the highest standards of both electrical skills, and customer service.

Looking for a West Midlands electrical maintenance provider? CLS Total Solutions offers a range of maintenance services. Call us today on 0121 647 2127