CLS Total Solutions Provides UPS Installation and Maintenance in Birmingham

A tech-based society like ours depends on the uninterrupted supply of mains power to keep the system’s heart beating. Even a relatively short outage could seriously disrupt business, halt productivity, and potentially cause risk to life. That’s why an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) has now become critical to businesses large and small.

A UPS system provides short-term power if the supply to the mains is cut. So what causes a power outage?

The top 7 causes are:

  1. Storms. These have been a major contributor in the UK over the past few years.
  2. Trees. In high winds the branches can make contact with power lines.
  3. Vehicles. Cars colliding with a telegraph pole can knock electricity out.
  4. Animals. Whilst all precaution is taken, wildlife sometimes gets through.
  5. Lightning. Telegraph poles are tall structures and they’re a perfect target for lightning strikes.
  6. Excavation. Underground cables are vulnerable to construction work.
  7. High Demand. In periods of excessive demand electrical equipment can fail.

What’s noticeable from this list is just how vulnerable we all are to accident and the natural environment. Whilst we can’t control the extremes of nature, however, we can ensure that businesses minimise the risk, should a power outage occur.

CLS Offers UPS Installation for Birmingham Businesses

As local Birmingham electrical contractors, one of our priorities is ensuring that our clients’ businesses are safeguarded against power outage. We install UPS systems that offer guaranteed high power capacity, and optimised operating capacity. Post installation, our engineers will always test the system in situ. We don’t handover until we’re happy that your UPS system is running at peak efficiency.

Maintaining UPS Systems for Birmingham Businesses

It’s a great moment when you know that your business is fully protected against power outages. But we warn our clients against complacency. An unmaintained system is possibly more dangerous than having nothing in place at all. Why? Because if you think that you’re covered and you cease to consider the attendant risks, you brink the potential of a damaging outage just a little bit closer.

If CLS have installed a UPS system for you recently, we offer regular, reliable maintenance as standard, to ensure ongoing protection. If we’re taking on a pre-installed system, we always begin by inspecting the condition of the battery and any consumable elements of the installation. Having done this we can assess how often maintenance checks are required.

Tailored Preventative Maintenance for UPS Systems in Birmingham

We always advise local businesses that even if they’re on a tight budget, UPS preventative maintenance makes sense. We create a maintenance schedule that fits your requirements, and recognises the age and existing condition of your system. Even if you only call us in sporadically to check your system, that’s better than not maintaining your system at all.

CLS Total Solutions Provides Emergency Cover and Repairs

Our skilled and experienced electrical engineers are on hand 24/7. If you experience an electricity outage and you don’t have UPS, we’ll work to retrieve your data, and get your business up and running again. If we can make emergency repairs immediately, we’ll do so. Knowing who to call in an emergency is critical for business, and CLS won’t let you down.

If you’d like to know more about installing a UPS system, or if you have UPS and need regular maintenance or repairs, call the CLS team on 0121 647 2127 /07791 697060