CLS Total Solutions Provide Emergency Lighting Installation in Birmingham

When it comes to installing emergency lighting for Birmingham businesses, CLS Total Solutions takes its responsibilities extremely seriously. Power can fail as the result of outages, localised faults, fires, floods or natural disasters. Whatever the cause, emergency lighting is crucial to the safety of everyone in the building. UK Fire Safety Legislation stipulates that lighting for 3 specific purposes be available in the case of a power cut:

  1. Open Area Lighting. This is known as ‘panic lighting’. Open areas are lit in an emergency in order to reduce the panic that might ensue in the dark.
  2. Escape Route Lighting. This lighting serves the dual purpose of providing illuminated escape routes, and helping to locate fire fighting equipment.
  3. High Risk Task Area Lighting. Providing light in areas where system may need to be shut down to safeguard the building against further danger.


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