6 Signs Your House May Need Rewiring

We tend to take it for granted that a constantly flow of electricity feeds our lighting, warmth, TV and mobile devices day and night. Of course we do! The network of cables which provide that electricity is hidden behind switches and sockets. So how do we know if there’s a problem when we can’t actually see how our homes are wired?

In this blog we’re going to look at 6 signs that your house may need rewiring. If you experience any of these, we would recommend calling out your local electrician to check your electrical installation sooner rather than later. When it comes to your home electrics it’s definitely a case of ‘better safe than sorry’.

1. Lights That Flicker

If this happens once, it could be a power supply fault. If you experience flickering in just one room, it could be a bulb that needs changing. If lights consistently flicker throughout the house, it’s likely to be a problem with your wiring.

2. Electric Shocks and Buzzing

Your electrical sockets should be silent, so if you hear a buzzing from any of them, however faint, it means that the electrics need to be checked. Similarly, if you experience a slight electric shock when plugging a device in, call your electrician promptly.

3. Scorches or Discoloured Sockets

Brown discolouration on sockets is evidence of a burning as a result of a loose connection in the socket. This creates an arc of electricity which causes a small fire. Any signs of burning should be taken seriously as a prompt to action.

4. Loose Sockets

For families with small children these are particularly concerning. If you notice any sockets that are loose, or that have come away from the wall to expose the wires behind, treat it as a priority to get the problem fixed.

5. Blown Fuses

This can be a problem caused by just one faulty appliance. So if the fuses blow every time you use an iron, or the blender, they’ll need fixing rather than your wiring. If, however, your fuses blow consistently, without reason, it’s worth getting your electrician to check the problem.

6. Fishy Smells

Electrical burns or overheated wiring tend to produce a ‘fish’ odour. So if you’re aware of a fishy smell, and you know it’s nothing to with dinner, you should close off the electricity and call an electrician immediately.

CLS Total Solutions Provide Local Electrical Maintenance

CLS is a local electrical contractor in Birmingham, providing skilled domestic electricians to customers across the city. Much of the residential electrical work we do is about keeping homes safe. Electrical installations need to be checked every 10 years in private properties, and every 5 years in rented accommodation.

If you live in an older property and you’re not sure when the wiring was last checked, it’s well worth asking your local electrician to carry out an inspection. At best, it will put your mind at rest, and at worst it could protect you and your family from electrical danger.

Had your electrics tested recently? Check out our 6 signs your house may need rewiring and give the CLS team a call if you need help or advice – 0121 647 2127