CLS Total Solutions Provides PAT Testing Services for Businesses in Birmingham

The CLS team carries out numerous PAT tests for Birmingham businesses each year. Many of them are ‘high risk environments’ where specialist electrical equipment is used, making PAT testing a ‘no brainer’. There are lots of smaller companies we encounter, though, that don’t know much about PAT testing and are unsure whether they require a professional to carry it out.

What is Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)?

Portable Appliance Testing should be carried out on all electrical equipment used in an office environment, or workspace. The appliances referred to include: desktops, printers, vacuum cleaners, kettles, speakers and table or desk lamps. These items all present a potential risk to the user. As such, they should be examined regularly to ensure they’re safe to use.

A visual check to ascertain that there’s no scorch marks, or fraying of cables, can be carried out locally. So long as users are aware of the tell-tale danger signs they’re competent to assess the safety of electrical appliances they use regularly. However, CLS  recommends that more formal periodic testing, carried out by professional electricians, is advisable.

How Often Should PAT Testing Services be Carried Out?

There’s no simple answer to this question. The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 states that potentially harmful appliances be maintained safely. But there’s no clear framework for doing so. When scheduling PAT services for businesses in Birmingham, CLS electricians make recommendations based on risk levels. A construction site will combine visual inspections with testing which requires specialist equipment. They would have more regular than PAT testing carried out in an office environment.

If you’re offering portable appliances for hire, best practice would be to test all equipment before it goes out. This would require staff training to ensure that employees understand what the tell-tale signs are to look out for. CLS would also recommend that appropriate guidance is also given to hirers about how to keep the equipment safe when using it.

Keeping PAT Testing Records

There’s no legal requirement to keep records of your PAT testing regime. However, a labelling and recording system is good practice, and it shows that you have a testing process in place. It also instils a sense of responsibility in employees. If they see that there is a responsible attitude towards workplace health and safety, they’re more likely to work responsibly.

Is PAT Testing Compulsory?

No, it isn’t. The law simply states that electrical equipment be maintained to reduce the risk of electrical injury or harm. Business owners are, therefore, asked to consider the risk level of their work environment and take an informed decision. As professional electricians, the team at CLS will always err on the side of safety. We know how dangerous even domestic portable appliances can be, and we would recommend periodic PAT testing in any workplace.

CLS Total Solutions Offer Professional Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

We currently provide PAT testing to a range of Birmingham businesses, including factories, offices, warehouses, construction sites, and plant hire. Our friendly and experienced electrical engineers work with clients to carry out risk assessments in order to determine the frequency of PAT testing required. We’ll also advise on staff training, labelling of tested goods and keeping records.

Looking for professional Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) in Birmingham? Call CLS Total Solutions on 0121 647 2127/07791 697060 for risk assessments and testing services.