Enhancing Employee Wellbeing at 90 High Holborn

The demanding 21st century work environment can take its toll on employees, so prioritising their wellbeing is no longer a luxury but a necessity. CLS Total Solutions recently played a pivotal role in creating a wellness-centric space at 90 High Holborn for their clients The Cohen Group.

A Building With Wellbeing at its Heart

At the heart of 90 High Holborn lies a deep commitment to fostering a healthy and inspiring work environment. The building’s design philosophy revolves around creating spaces that promote physical and mental wellbeing, recognising the positive impact it has on employee productivity, engagement, and overall satisfaction.

Wellness-focused amenities are integrated into the nine floors of the building. These include a rooftop garden, gyms, and spaces for yoga, Pilates, or meditation. External terraces invite employees to take a break outside the office, or work in the open air, when the weather allows.

The Difference Experienced M&E Engineers Make

Experienced M&E engineers play a crucial role in ensuring that gyms provide a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for the employees who will use them. Their expertise encompasses various aspects of gym design, installation, and maintenance, all of which directly impact the user experience.

Their knowledge of ventilation systems ensures adequate airflow and prevents the accumulation of stale odours or harmful pollutants. Proper lighting design, handled by experienced M&E engineers, creates a dynamic, energised atmosphere while preventing eye strain or fatigue. Electrical systems designed by these professionals guarantee the safe operation of gym equipment and prevent power outages or electrical hazards.

Additionally, experienced M&E engineers consider energy efficiency during the design phase, reducing operating costs and contributing to environmental sustainability. Their involvement in ongoing maintenance ensures that gym equipment remains in top condition, minimising downtime and safety risks.

CLS Total Solutions delivered full M&E services for the gym installed at 90 High Holborn, on behalf of their client Cohen Group Ltd. Our team planned, designed, and implemented all aspects of the M&E systems, ensuring seamless integration with the building’s overall design.

A Reinvention of Working Space

In today’s dynamic and evolving work environment, the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to office design is no longer tenable. Modern workplaces are shifting towards a human-centric design philosophy, recognising that space must adapt to the people who use it, rather than forcing employees to conform to predetermined structures. 90 High Holborn stands as a shining example of this transformative approach, where cutting-edge design seamlessly aligns with the needs and aspirations of its occupants.

A Reinvention of Working Space

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