Powering Up Taco Bell’s Success

In 2010, Taco Bell, the Mexican fast-food restaurant, made its debut in the UK. Now it has over 135 outlets thanks to a period of rapid expansion over the past two years. Alongside the opening of new sites, Taco Bell has embraced a fresh wave of branding, and CLS Total Solutions played an integral role in preparing the Camberley restaurant earlier this year.

Scope of Work:

1. Power and Lighting

  • Installed a new main electrical panel and distribution boards to accommodate the increased power demand of the restaurant.
  • Installed new branch circuits to power all electrical outlets, appliances, and equipment.
  • Installed new lighting fixtures throughout the restaurant, including the feature neon signs.
  • Installed exit signs and emergency lighting in compliance with local fire codes.

2. Air Conditioning (A/C) System

  • Installed a new split-system A/C unit to provide cooling and heating for the restaurant.
  • Installed new ductwork to distribute conditioned air throughout the restaurant.
  • Installed new thermostats to control the temperature of the restaurant.
  • Commissioned and tested the A/C system to ensure proper operation.

3. Refrigeration

  • Installed new coolers and freezers to store food and beverages.
  • Installed new refrigeration units to power the coolers and freezers.
  • Installed new temperature monitoring systems to ensure that food is stored at safe temperatures.

4. Fire Alarm System

  • Installed a new fire alarm system throughout the restaurant, including smoke and heat detectors.
  • Installed a fire alarm control panel to monitor the fire alarm system.
  • Tested the fire alarm system to ensure proper operation.

5. Security System

  • Installed a new security system throughout the restaurant, including door sensors, motion detectors, and security cameras.
  • Installed a security control panel to monitor the security system.
  • Tested the security system to ensure proper operation.

6. Ventilation System

  • Installed a new exhaust hood system in the kitchen to remove cooking fumes and grease.
  • Installed new ductwork to vent the exhaust hood system to the outside of the building.
  • Installed new make-up air units to provide fresh air to the kitchen.
  • Tested the ventilation system to ensure proper operation.

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