5 Benefits of Using Local Electricians in Birmingham

At one time if you said you lived in Birmingham, people would commiserate – and make fun of the accent. Now, that’s all changed and Birmingham is a cool place to live,  and very much a 21st century city. The centre has undergone massive regeneration and brims with restaurants, clubs, cafes and some of the best shopping in the UK.

CLS Total Solutions is based in Birmingham, and many of the team are Brummies born and bred. We’ve worked on some of the city’s regeneration projects, and we’re terrifically proud to be part of its success story. Most important, we’re committed to providing excellent local electrical services for every area of the city. 

Advertising yourself as a ‘local’ Birmingham electrician looks good on your website, but what does it actually mean? We’ve put together 5 benefits we’re able to offer clients as local electricians in Birmingham.

1. Local Electrical Contractors Know The City

We don’t turn up late for any of our clients, because we know our way around the city. That means we’re able to schedule work efficiently, and offer totally reliable domestic electrical services. If there are any local roadworks, or diversions, we’ll know about them, and plan for them, in advance. With local electricians you shouldn’t ever have to wait around for them to arrive.

2. We’ll Visit Clients in Order to Provide Accurate Quotes

If you’re working locally there isn’t a problem with popping round to take a look at a job and give a quote. More often than not our clients really appreciate meeting electrical engineers before making a decision whether or not to give them the job. You can learn a lot from the way people look and behave; we get a lot of work off the back of visits to quote – so we’re always happy to offer this service.

3. Added Value for Maintenance Contracts

CLS Total Solutions provide maintenance contracts for a number of Birmingham companies. We agree a schedule for testing and ongoing maintenance at the start of the contract there’s added value because we’re local. If one of our contracts is concerned about an electrical issue, it’s easy enough for an electrician to pop over and take a look. Local means electrical peace of mind.

4. 24/7 Emergency Electrical Services in Birmingham

Being a local electrical provider means being available in times of emergency. We had a spate of hefty thunderstorms in Birmingham a few weeks back. We readied ourselves for the resulting power outages and were able to respond promptly when we got the calls. We’re on the ground, anticipating where problems may arise, and our clients are always our first concern.

5. Reputation Matter When You’re Local

We’ve built a great local network of clients – but that’s the easy part! When you’re local, it only takes one shoddy piece of work for word to get around quickly. That’s why we take pride in everything we do, no matter the size or complexity of the job. Our customers are at the heart of absolutely every decision we make, and we value every piece of feedback we receive.

Like the sound of using local electricians in Birmingham? Call the CLS Total Solutions team today to find out about our full range of electrical services – 0121 647 2127/07791 697060