CLS Total Solutions Offers Industrial Electrical Services for Birmingham Clients

At CLS we take pride in the fact that our electrical engineers are equally at home in the domestic, commercial or industrial environment. This speaks volumes about the range of experience we all bring to our clients across Birmingham. Not only do each of these different contexts require different skills, there’s also a different expectation of the role the engineer is expected to play in each of them.

In the industrial setting the stakes for the electrical engineer are about as high as they can get. Why? Because we design, install and maintain the electrical power supply that keeps the machinery running. If we mess up, the business stands to lose revenue. That’s why our industrial clients in Birmingham are looking for electrical contractors with a great track record, and extensive experience.

What are Industrial Electrical Services?

There are 3 major functions that industrial electrical engineers fulfil:

1. Testing and Maintenance. We’re responsible for minimising the downtime in any industrial environment we work in. That means providing regular checks on all machinery to ensure it’s fault free. Where we do find faults we repair promptly in order to avoid breakdown. And we maintain machinery to ensure that it’s running at optimum performance.

2. Electrical Design. If a client requires an electrical installation design in Birmingham, we’ll provide a complete service from drawing board to site. We also upgrade systems to improve performance and save money on energy costs. All our electrical engineers are NICEIC approved which means that their work is compliant with safety regulations, and HSE standards.

3. Problem Solving. Often a client will contact us to help solve a problem which is impacting on productivity. Recently we were consulted on a workplace that was dependent on a legacy lighting installation that required replacing. We designed an LED alternative. This created a bright working light which is healthier for employees, more sustainable, and saves on energy bills .

Customer-Centred Industrial Electrical Services in Birmingham

When we say that our goal is to minimise downtime, but this isn’t limited to keeping the machinery running. Often a client will ask if we can schedule work outside normal working hours so that there’s no impact on their bottom line. We’re always happy to work co-operatively with our clients in this way; after all, it’s in all our interests that their profit is protected!

Finding Reliable Industrial Electrical Services in Birmingham

First and foremost, make sure that you employ the right kind of electrical engineers. If you’re looking for industrial electrical services, but you end up with domestic electrical engineers you could be heading for trouble. Whilst they may be skilled in their own field, they won’t have the right testing equipment, or potentially the knowledge to deal with the industrial environment.

Contact Labour Solutions Offer Experienced Industrial Electrical Services

We offer the full range of industrial, commercial and domestic electrical services. Our engineers have worked in a range of industrial environments providing design, testing, maintenance and problem solving. We work to the very highest standards of professionalism at all times, and are known for a through understanding of the need to minimise risk to business.

Looking for experienced and highly recommended industrial electrical services in Birmingham? Call CLS Total Solutions on 07791 697060