How to Choose an Electrician

Choosing an electrician isn’t the same as choosing a decorator, or even a plumber for the simple reason that any mistakes they make could be fatal for you, your employees, or your family. It sounds dramatic, but the stakes are high when you take on an electrician to rewire your home, or provide electrical installation. Ask any electrician and they’ll have a few horror stories about the ‘botch jobs’ they’ve encountered in their time.

Knowing how to choose an electrician could save you money in the long run, and – potentially – save lives. It requires a bit of research along the way, but if the result is you find an electrician you can trust with all your commercial or domestic electrical services, it will certainly have been worth the time and effort.

Finding an Electrician You Can Trust

So, here’s our guide to how to choose an electrician in 5 easy steps:

1. Only Use Electricians Who Are Qualified

For some trades, such as plastering or decorating, it’s perfectly acceptable to learn on the job. This isn’t the case for electricians. They have to meet industry standards. Always look at an electrician’s accreditations before contacting them. NICEIC is the most important one to look for. A CHAS pre-approval demonstrates that an electrician is compliant with a range of industry standard checks.

2. Do You Trust Them?

Gut instinct isn’t all you need when choosing an electrician, but that’s not to say it isn’t important. Make sure that you meet up with any electricians you’re thinking of taking on. Would you be happy to have them in your house? Do they look professional? Have they turned up in a company van? Remember, you’ll be trusting this person with your home or business, so listen to your gut before committing.

3. Is Their Quote Clear?

First of all, any electrician should provide you with a free no obligation written quote – don’t accept a verbal quote. Always get 3 or 4 different quotes when you’re choosing a new electrician. That way, you can work out what’s missing on one, and why another is coming out cheaper. Check that VAT has been included, and that all parts and labour costs are including. Most important, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

4. Talk About Money

It’s not something the British are very good at, but it’s important you sort out terms before working with an electrician. It’s not standard practice to pay upfront, and if you’re asked for cash upfront it’s a definite red light. Make sure you pay a balance of the cost once you’ve approved the completed work. There should be the option to pay by cash, or bank transfer.

5. Certification is Required

For big jobs, you should receive an Electrical Installation Certificate, and for smaller jobs there’s a Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate. These provide proof that the job was carried out proficiently, but it also gives you evidence of who carried out the work and when. Should there be any problems, you can follow up easily.

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