M&E Design and Installation at 90 High Holborn

Right at the heart of London’s vibrant business district, 90 High Holborn demonstrates the transformative power of thoughtful design and innovative execution. This landmark office building, spanning nine floors, has undergone a remarkable refurbishment, reimagined as a hub for productivity, collaboration, and well-being.

CLS Total Solutions is delighted to have played a role in this transformation, providing comprehensive M&E (Mechanical and Electrical) services, including design.

Prioritising Natural Light and Biophilic Design

Awash with natural light, 90 High Holborn exudes an air of openness and vitality. Floor-to-ceiling windows bathe the interiors in a warm, inviting glow, fostering a sense of connection with the surrounding cityscape. The incorporation of external terraces seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces, providing employees with the opportunity to work in the open-air, or simply step outside for a break.

Designing for Well-being and Productivity

At the heart of the refurbishment lies a deep-rooted commitment to employee well-being and productivity. The design team prioritised the creation of spaces that promote comfort, focus, and collaboration. Flexible workspaces cater to diverse work styles, while meeting rooms are equipped with the latest technology to facilitate seamless communication.

Wellness-focused amenities, such as a rooftop garden, gym, and yoga studio, further enhance the overall experience, encouraging employees to prioritise their physical and mental health.

CLS Total Solutions: The Driving Force Behind M&E Excellence

CLS Total Solutions delivered the full spectrum of M&E services for an office refurbishment at 90 High Holborn, on behalf of their client Cohen Group Ltd. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians planned, designed, and implemented all aspects of the M&E systems, ensuring seamless integration with the building’s overall design.

From HVAC and lighting systems to power distribution and fire alarms, CLS Total Solutions ensured that every component met the highest standards of efficiency and performance.

A Reinvention of Office Space

90 High Holborn stands as a beacon of innovation, where modern design blends with cutting-edge technology to create a truly inspiring workspace. CLS Total Solutions is delighted to have played a part in this project, helping to redefine the modern office experience.

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