CLS Provides Fire Alarm Systems Installation and Maintenance for Clients in Birmingham

Overall, the UK fire incident figures were up by 6% last year,  providing a timely reminder of the importance of installing a high quality fire alarm system. Avoidance of the devastating effects of fire on life and property are now a top priority for building owners and managers. It’s also a legal requirement covered by BS 5839-1:2013 fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings.

CLS Total Solutions Install Fire Alarm Systems

The Fire Safety Order 2006 is designed to ensure the provision of a minimum fire safety standard for workplaces, and the vast majority of non-domestic premises. Compliance with this Order is always the starting point for CLS installers working with Birmingham businesses. We start out by working with our client to design a high quality system tailored to their working environment.

Key considerations in the design phase include:

  • What kind of detectors to use
  • Consideration of hearing and sight impaired employees
  • Identification of fire panel requirements
  • System zoning and connection

Key to the fire alarm design is accurate detection sensors, clear instructions for evacuation, and efficient communication with the emergency services.

A Range of Alarm Systems to Choose From

No matter the size of the business, our Birmingham clients, want to know that every consideration has been given to the early detection of fire in the building. Our design will, therefore, take into account a range of ways in which heat or flames can be detected. These systems include:

  • Manual Alarms. These are used in response to the visual detection of fire. They require a button to be pressed, or glass to be broken to activate them.
  • Conventional Alarm System. This will send a signal to the fire control panel if a fire is detected. The panel will then show which in which zone the fire has been located.
  • Air Sampling Smoke Detector. This pulls air through pipes into a detection chamber. Early detection particles (before smoke shows) cause the alarm to sound.
  • Sounders/Beacons. These are auditory and visual alarms in response to fire detection.

Fire Alarm System Maintenance

Not only is your fire alarm system installation regulated, so is the ongoing maintenance required. CLS installers provide ongoing maintenance of your fire alarm system to ensure that it’s functioning correctly, and providing maximum protection for everyone in the building.

We rigorously inspect every aspect of the system. This includes all the individual components, the smoke and fire detectors, individual manual devices, battery charging rates, uninterrupted power supply, sirens, beacons and remote communications.

CLS Total Solutions for Local Fire Alarm System Installation and Maintenance

CLS Total Solutions is a Birmingham-based business, and we’re committed to providing second-to-none electrical services. When we work with a client to design a fire alarm system, we’ll also take responsibility for its ongoing maintenance and compliance. This service includes emergency repairs, should the system break down, and ongoing upgrades where necessary.

Looking for a local professional fire alarm system installation and maintenance in Birmingham? Call CLS Total Solutions on 0121 647 2127 / 07791 697060