Ensuring Electrical Safety at Home

Electricity keeps our lives on track. It charges our phones, ensures our clothes are washed, provides our entertainment, fuels kitchen operations, and illumines our homes. Now, with more and more appliances flooding our homes, many households are finding that cable spaghetti is taking over their living space.

At CLS Total Solutions we always advise domestic clients that, with all the pressure on our household supply, it’s worth booking in for a safety audit every few years. The reason being that problems tend to accrue over time, and the outcome can be disastrous. In order to safeguard families from fire or electric shock, CLS engineers provide 4 electrical safety checks as part of our EICR safety audit.

1. PAT Testing for Appliances

Periodic Appliance Testing checks whether the electrical appliances in use throughout your home are working properly and safe to use. Our NICEIC approved electricians will initially carry out a visual test, and then a more detailed inspection using PAT testing equipment. The PAT testing processes checks lead polarity, insulation resistance and earth continuity. Once the test is complete, your appliance will be recorded as ‘passed’ or ‘failed’.

2. Kitchen Equipment Testing

The kitchen is – potentially – the most dangerous area in the home. This is because it’s where overloading of sockets is most likely. We’ll assess whether your current socket provision is adequate for your requirements, and recommend an upgrade if necessary. A CLS electrician will also check switches, earthing, current continuity and tightness of all the connections. Where we encounter hazardous problems, we’ll suggest appropriate remedial actions.

3. Electrical Wiring

We tend to take the supply of our domestic electricity for granted – until it goes wrong. Domestic wiring wears with time, and it’s worth having a qualified and experienced electrician check that it’s still a secure system. Common problems tend to be corrosion, as the result of exposure to damp, or bare wires because of a burnt covering. Loose connectors may cause your lights to flicker, or create sparks which can burn the protective rubber around the wiring.

4. Household Earthing

Most people fear an electrical shock, with good reason. At the very least, it’s an unpleasant sensation, whilst a heavy electrical shock can be fatal. The earthing of your home’s electricity is what protects you from electrical shock in the home. CLS electrician will check the main earthing terminal, wiring circuits and supplementary earth bonding in locations such a bathrooms.

On completion of the audit, we’ll produce an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) showing our findings, and making recommendations for any immediate repairs required. Once these have been carried out, we can sign off on the report and you’ll have peace of mind. An EICR is recommended every 10 years.

Looking for a Reliable Domestic Electrician?

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