Looking for a Reliable Emergency Electrician in Birmingham?

In a major city like Birmingham, an electrical fault or outage can cost a business thousands, or severely inconvenience clients relying on services. That’s why the job of the emergency electrician is to be available fast, to diagnose the problem swiftly, and to offer a rapid repair. And they need to be available to you 24/7, because emergencies rarely happen in business hours.

At CLS Total Solutions, we offer both a domestic and a commercial emergency service as part of our electrical maintenance services. As with anything we take on, we take our responsibilities seriously. So there’s a distinct set of promises we make to our customers, regarding what they can expect from their CLS emergency electricians.

CLS – Domestic Emergency Electrician in Birmingham

There are 5 things that we promise to our domestic customers, regarding CLS emergency electricians:

  1. Expertise – All our electricians are experienced, certified and insured. They’ll be able to find out what the problem is fast, and make a rapid repair.
  2. Rapid Response – our emergency electricians will arrive promptly in response to your call, whatever the time of day, or night.
  3. Respect – as professionals, CLS electricians will always respect the fact that they’re working in your home. They won’t leave a mess, and they’ll treat all family members with respect.
  4. Clear Communication – our aim is always to carry out emergency repairs immediately. If we’re unable to do so, we’ll explain what needs to be done and set a timeline.
  5. Local Reputation – CLS Total Solutions is a local electrical contractors, with a strong local reputation to maintain.

CLS – Commercial Emergency Electrician in Birmingham

Businesses require emergency electricians who understand the need to minimise disruption to business. CLS Total Solutions has been working with Birmingham businesses for a while now, and we’ve gained a strong reputation for being a company to rely on in an emergency.

Our 5 pledges to business are:

  1. Business Expertise – our emergency electricians have worked on some of the biggest electrical installation in the city. We know the commercial sector well, and recognise the importance of rapid diagnosis and repair.
  2.  Professional Team – we’re a professional electrical contractors who know the importance of appearances when it comes to business. We know how to dress and behave in the commercial context, and we have utter respect for everyone we work with.
  3. NICEIC Registered – your emergency electrician will be NICEIC registered. This is the UK’s leading regulatory body for the electrical contracting industry. NICEIC registration recognises the competence of contractors to operate safely and skilfully.
  4. Available 24/7 – at CLS Total Solutions we understand that businesses need solutions for emergencies, fast. That’s why we’ll be there when you need us and we’ll carry out repairs immediately to get you up and running.
  5. Follow Up – Once a problem has presented itself in the form of an emergency, you want to be sure it won’t happen again. CLS emergency electricians will follow up with long term solutions to the problem, to ensure that any emergency’s just a one-off.


An Emergency Electrician You Can Trust in Birmingham

The CLS Total Solutions team have built themselves quite a track record in Birmingham over the years. We’ve worked with a range of business and domestic customers across the city, and we’re thoroughly ‘plugged in’ to the city infrastructure.

Looking for a reliable emergency electrician in Birmingham? Call CLS Total Solutions on 0121 647 2127 / 07791 697060 to talk to us about our maintenance contracts.