Forward Thinking Electricians in Birmingham

There are growing concerns from businesses across the UK that we’re running a skills deficit in the electrical contracting sector. With smart energy technology on the rise, and green tech having to develop rapidly, there are fears that we won’t have the necessary workforce to handle the challenges of the next decade. It’s estimated that 12,500 to 15,000 additional skilled electricians will be needed to meet demand.

A city the size of Birmingham already requires an army of electricians to service its industry, homes, and commercial sector. It’s growth and dynamism means that demand with grow exponentially and we have to work to create the electrical resources needed to serve it. CLS Total Solutions currently offers a highly skilled, flexible workforce that expands to meet demands in different sectors.

Flexible Skills Adapting to Need

Currently we offer a range of electrical services to domestic, commercial and industrial clients. The key to our efficiency, and cost effectiveness is a keen eye on the skills and applications needed by business moving forward. We know, for example, that LED lighting will become the default choice for homes and businesses in the next five years. We also recognise that smart technology skills will become ever more central to our work.

Skilled Domestic Electricians in Birmingham

The home is where we’re seeing rapid changes in the kind of work we’re being asked to take on as electrical contractors in Birmingham. Householders are currently requiring support to set up their home automation hubs effectively. Often this involves integrating existing home security systems into smart networks. Or they want us to install more energy efficient lighting throughout the home.

We know, looking forward, that if we’re to meet the government’s zero carbon energy targets, homeowners will be looking for electrical heating sources to replace their gas boilers. We’re staying on top of the current technology being developed, in order to be ready when the need arises.

Future-Proofing Businesses in Birmingham

Businesses are currently at the front line of tech developments and electricians in Birmingham are in high demand. Many of our clients have the appetite for technological change, and want a smart office environment. They’re nervous, however, about the disruption to business its installation could engender. We’re currently working with a range of businesses on developing their integrated office networks.

Every Birmingham business we talk to is starting to think about their current energy consumption. They need advice on ways to reduce their reliance, and often this is an ongoing project. We normally recommend starting with replacement LED lighting, as this is a quick and simple starting point. It represents the first step in a journey that may take a few years to complete.

Forward Looking Electrical Contractors in Birmingham

CLS Total Solutions believe that it’s our responsibility, as electricians in Birmingham, to be prepared for the changes that the next decade will bring. Of course, we still provide all the electrical services required for the present moment, but we want to be at the forefront as providers and trainers of a skilled workforce for the next few decades.

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