Looking for an Electrician in Selly Oak?

The original Selly Oak (an ancient oak tree) was removed in 1909, and the area is now distinguished by the landmark architecture of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital with it’s three distinctive funnels. But this corner of Birmingham has always had a dramatic role to play in the history of Birmingham. It was home to the five lime kilns which were the earliest evidence of the industrial revolution that would shape the city. It was also hit by a freak tornado back in July 1999!!

The modern Selly Oak is home to thousands of students studying at the nearby University of Birmingham. Which means that a lot of the work that the CLS Total Solutions electricians carry out in the area is on behalf of landlords. Around July, many of the rental properties become vacant and we carry out inspections to ensure that the electrical infrastructure is safe.

CLS Works With Landlords to Maintain Electrical Safety

Where rental properties change hands regularly, as is the case with students, it’s important to maintain the electrics. There are a number of services that CLS Total Solutions offers to landlords offering student rentals.

1. Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate

Where a property is designated as a ‘house in multiple occupation’ (HMO), landlords are required to carry out an electrical inspection every 5 years. This provides the landlord with an electrical safety certificate. The inspection needs to be carried out by an accredited electrician for the certificate to be awarded, and will comprise:

  • Checking for RCD safety device
  • Visual inspection of fusebox and electrical wiring
  • Identification of any defective electrics
  • Checks for circuit overloads
  • Alerts if electric shock risks or fire hazards are found

Once the report is complete, landlords will receive a report offering recommendations for repairs or upgrades. Once these are completed the certificate is issued.

2. Maintenance Inspections Between Tenancies

Student tenancies can sometimes leave a property in a poor condition. It’s important that the electrics are checked for damage before a new tenancy begins. This is a safeguard not only for students but also for landlords, as a poorly maintained electrical infrastructure creates a higher risk when it comes to fires and electric shocks.

3. PAT Testing for Electrical Appliances

Where landlords provide washing machines, tumble dryers, ovens and fridges as part of their tenancy agreement, it’s important that they’re PAT tested annually. This is normally a simple procedure requiring only a visual inspection. If a CLS electrician is concerned by anything they see, such a loose wires or scorch marks, they’ll investigate further.

4. Emergency Call Out

We provide an emergency call out service as part of our tenancy maintenance packages for landlords. This means that if an electrical problem occurs that needs an immediate response, we’ll send an electrician promptly. Should another tornado take the electrics out, we’ll be there to deal with the aftermath!

Professional NICEIC Accredited Electricians from CLS

The CLS Total Solutions team are all experienced and NICEIC accredited electricians. We’re reliable professionals who provide high quality services to businesses, and homes across the city. Health and safety is paramount to everything we do, and we offer landlords across Selly Oak scheduled, ongoing electrical management of their properties.

Looking for a local electrician in Selly Oak? CLS Total Solutions provide NICEIC accredited domestic and commercial electricians across Birmingham. Call us on 0121 647 2127/07791 697060