Need an Electrician in Redditch?

Looking at the contemporary ‘new town’ of Redditch, it’s hard to believe that not so very long ago it was providing 90% of the world’s needles!! Now its economic contribution is more diverse, ranging from the Kingfisher Shopping Centre, to the Halfords headquarters, to the surprisingly successful Edwardian theatre. The Palace has been modernised and still offers an ambitious, and popular programme of shows and events.

CLS Total Solutions in Redditch

We always enjoy working in Redditch, because it offers us the opportunity for a bit of travel. It may feel very much like a Brummie town, but Redditch actually sits in Worcestershire. Whatever the county differences, though, the need for a local electrician is the same. We find ourselves heading over to Redditch regularly to provide CLS electrical services  in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.

Local Domestic Electrician Contractors

In Redditch, as in any other area of Birmingham, locals tell us that it’s difficult to find a local electrician they can rely on. They’re frustrated that all the electricians they try are juggling too many clients. As a result, they’re hard to get hold of, and you often have to wait for weeks or months before a job gets done.

CLS Total Solutions are committed to providing a reliable local domestic electrician in Redditch to householders. As Birmingham electrical contractors we work with a trusted network of providers. These are tried and tested local electricians who can be relied upon to provide skilled and experienced electrical services promptly. We make the management of resources a priority, in order to offer our clients excellent customer service.

A Commercial Electrician in Redditch

Local businesses need a commercial electrical contractors for regular maintenance and testing. It’s these services that can get neglected if you don’t have a local electrician scheduling them in. The trouble is that when a problem does occur, you’re likely to face the double whammy of costly repairs and an expensive emergency call out fee.

At CLS Total Solutions we believe in building long term professional relationships with our commercial clients, for this reason. Of course, we’re there for the one off jobs such as installations, upgrades, security systems and exterior lighting. But we consider ongoing maintenance to be equally important – because it keeps the workplace safe, and efficient.

Industrial Electrical Services from CLS

For any business a power outage is bad news, but for industry it literally stops production. CLS Total Solutions has a great reputation for being the local industrial electrician to call in an emergency. Our tailored maintenance contracts include emergency call outs 24/7. We’re the electrical contractors in Birmingham who’ll be there when you need us, offering a prompt solution to your problem.

The ideal, of course, is to minimise the risk of breakdown – and this is the bread and butter of our work with industry. Our regular maintenance schedule advises clients when upgrades, or repairs are necessary – which means that we’re able to future-proof your electrics for you.

CLS Total Solutions – Your Electrician in Redditch

We’re a young electrical contractors in Birmingham,  with a big ambition – to be the ‘go to’ local electrician across the city. We take pride in the flawless track record we’ve built to date, and we’re constantly extending our reach. Looking for a local electrician in Redditch just got a whole lot easier, since we got on the case.

Looking for a reliable, experienced electrician in Redditch? Call CLS Total Solutions for domestic, commercial or industrial electrical services on 0121 647 2127/07791 697060