CLS Total Solutions Provides Electrical Refurbishment for Clients in Birmingham

For many of our Birmingham business clients, budget for electrical refits is hard to come by. It’s just one of many competing demands. We can always make a compelling argument for a share of the budget, but we see our work with business slightly differently.  In order to maintain the highest standards of health and safety across the city’s commercial sector, we know that we need to work collaboratively with business owners. And often that means offering a range of competitively priced options for ongoing electrical work.

Electrical Refurbishment for Birmingham Businesses

Suppose your annual electrical maintenance and service report recommends a rewire. You know it makes sense, given the age of the system and the increase in demand you’re putting on it. You get a quote – and it’s way beyond the budget this year. What do you do? Ignore the problem until next year’s maintenance report? Find the money by cutting back in other areas of the business? Is there another alternative?

CLS Total Solutions offers tailored electrical refurbishment as a sensible option for businesses facing this kind of dilemma. A refurbishment tackles the problem by:

  • Replacing worn out components
  • Designing simple, local solutions to electrical issues
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Guaranteeing skilled installation and safe commissioning

What is Electrical Refurbishment?

It’s the restoration of an electrical component or system to an ‘as new’ condition. The component or parts, thereof, are replaced like-for-like, and will function as they were originally intended. A refurbishment is quite different from an upgrade where the original component is replaced with its most modern incarnation.

An electrical refurbishment is designed to keep an existing system safe and functioning. It helps businesses to avoid loss of business due to breakdown, and costly repairs. A refurbishment won’t, however, enhance the system you have,  or help to save on energy. We always describe a refurbishment as a thinking space, which allows businesses to consider their options for when more budget can be made available.

What is an Electrical Upgrade?

It may be that the next stage on from an electrical refurbishment is a selective upgrade. This describes a process whereby cabling, lighting, fire safety or wiring is replaced with a more up-to-date alternative. This will always improve performance, and enhance energy efficiency.

Once the benefits of upgrading your electrical systems start to feed through, it’s easy to build momentum for continuing the process. This normally begins with reduced energy bills in conjunction with enhanced productivity.

CLS Total Solutions Provides Proactive Planning for Businesses

As a local electrical contractor for Birmingham, our aim is to become the go-to provider for all a business’ electrical requirements. This includes:

  • Maintenance
  • Servicing
  • Repairs
  • Forward Planning
  • Managed Budget Allocation

In our detailed annual report, based on our tailored maintenance and servicing for clients, we always include recommendations for refurbishment, upgrades, repairs and replacements. Ideally, once the report has landed, the CLS team will get to work with the building manager to schedule in work over the coming year, as more budget becomes available. Our aim is always to minimise risk to the business, and repairs, whilst optimising the safety and performance of electrics.

Looking for affordable electrical refurbishment in Birmingham? Call CLS Total Solutions on 0121 647 2127/07791 697060 for professional installation and ongoing electrical advice.