Electrical Contractors in Coventry

Right now, Coventry’s gearing up for being the UK’s City of Culture in 2021. Until it happens, it’s hard to imagine what kind of impact this will have on the city, but it’s already giving a bit of a ‘feel good factor’ to the place.

It’s not just the arts scene that’s making waves in the city; Coventry has also won a hard fought race to become home to the National Battery Manufacturing Development Facility (NBMDF). This is going to be central to the development of electric vehicles in the UK, and is thought to have the potential to unlock thousands of future jobs in the city.

CLS Total Solutions Ltd Working in Coventry

CLS Total Solutions Ltd contractors regularly find themselves visiting this West Midlands superstar city. It’s great to see how it’s sprucing itself up for the attention it’ll be getting in the near future. Much of our work is for the commercial and industrial sectors. Our customers know they can rely on us for first class skills, reliability and professionalism – all things that we place at the heart of our work as a business.

Commercial Electrical Services in Coventry

Electricity is what keeps business ‘on the road’; switch the electricity off and profits start to plummet. That’s why we provide a comprehensive package of services for businesses that’s designed to minimise the risks of electrical downtime. How do we do it? We work on the basis of creating a solid and dependable infrastructure for companies, which we then maintain and service regularly.

Lots of businesses are looking for ways to become more sustainable as we move towards a zero-carbon future. CLS Total Solutions Ltd can help with this. We offer a detailed audit of your electrical installation, followed up by suggestions and recommendations of where you could work more sustainably. In many cases we’re able to save companies money in the long run by introducing new technologies such as energy efficient lighting, for example.

Industrial Electrical Services in Coventry

Coventry has always been an industrial hub in the West Midlands, with particular skills in the production of clocks, watches, cars and aircrafts. The city’s no longer defined by its industry, but there’s still an industrial infrastructure that provides jobs and attracts investment in the region. We offer maintenance, testing and refurbishment to industries for whom a reliable electrical supply is paramount.

We also supply electrical installation to new industrial premises in the city. Our services include:

  • Electrical design
  • Electrical Installation
  • Ring mains
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Door entry systems & access control
  • Alarm systems & CCTV
  • Outdoor lighting

Electrical Contractors for the West Midlands

We’re Birmingham born and bred, which is why we set up CLS Total Solutions Ltd in the city. Our original aim was to offer high quality electrical services across the region, and we’re now working the length and breadth of the West Midlands, including Wolverhampton, Sutton Coldfield, Solihull and Coventry.

As electrical contractors in Coventry, we’re taking care to maintain the standards of work we started out with, which is why our customers’ feedback is so important to us. Where we hear about issues, we deal with them immediately, and use the experience to learn what we could do better.

Looking for an electrical contractor in Coventry? CLS Total Solutions Ltd provides commercial and industrial electrical services. Call 0121 647 2127