Looking for Electric Car Charging Point Installers?

Work recently started on the UK’s very first EV (electric vehicle) charging forecourt. It’s located in Essex, and will provide 24 charging points for cars, with an estimated charge time of 30 minutes. It’s not yet as convenient as filling up your car with petrol, but charging times are constantly improving.

In 2019 Nissan published figures showing that Great Britain now has more EV charging stations (9,000) than filling stations (8,396). And at the start of 2020 the UK was named as one of the leading European countries when it comes to our charging infrastructure. With the UK aiming to phase out sales of petrol and diesel cars in 2035, this is the time to ensure that we’re fully powered up with sufficient electric car charging points.

CLS – Electric Car Charging Point Installers

At CLS Total Solutions there are two qualities that are essential to our work as an electrical contractor in Birmingham; adaptability and innovation. Electrical installation is a fast moving industry, and we’ve learned to move capacity to where it’s needed – fast. At present there’s a massive demand for electric car charging installers across the West Midlands, so CLS electrical engineers have now added EV charging point installation to their range of electrical services.

Home Electric Car Charging Points

Whilst the national coverage of commercial charging points looks impressive, it’s still nowhere near enough to sustain the growing demand. Many people considering buying an electric car are, therefore, thinking about having a home EV charge point installed. So long as you have off-street parking this is a fairly straightforward process.

An EV charging point simply takes the 240V electric supply from your domestic supply and makes it available to charge your car, using a safe connection point. Most electric car owners want a fast and reliable way to charge up their cars, and there are now 3 charging speeds for use at home:

  • Standard EV Charging – 3kW (16A)
  • Fast EV Charging – 7kW (32A)
  • Ultra-Fast EV Charging – 22kW (32A 3 phase)

Commercial Electric Car Charging Points Installation

Businesses are beginning to realise that installing EV charging points is going to become a critical element of the infrastructure they provide. Employees find them useful as they can recharge whilst at work. But they’re also an important facility to be able to offer to visitors, clients and suppliers – especially if there’s a limited supply of electric car charging points in your area.

Find Out More About CLS EV Charging Point Installation

Whether you need an electric car charging point installed at home, or in the workplace, CLS can help. Our accredited electrical engineers are happy to assess your property or premises and offer detailed guidance on the kind of charging point that would best answer your needs. They can also provide information about government grants for business or home charging points installation in order to keep your costs low.

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