Looking for a Domestic Electrician in Birmingham?

The work that CLS Total Solutions electricians carry out in people’s homes carries with it a huge responsibility – which we take very seriously. A poorly installed appliance, or an overloaded electrical system can be the cause of a range of dangerous outcomes. These include power outages, electric shocks and even fires.

Our minimum guarantee to every single customer, no matter how small the job, is to provide a professional solution that is both safe and efficient. How do you know we can be trusted? We’re a NICEIC Approved Contractor. This means that our work has been assessed, and is considered to be of the highest quality. When it comes to choosing a domestic electrician in Birmingham, CLS provides a safe pair of hands.

What Do Domestic Electricians Do?

As electricians in Birmingham, we have clients across the city who consider us their local ‘go-to’ when they need a new socket, or they want their house rewired.

The domestic electrical services we typically provide include:

1. Wiring Upgrades

Many of the properties we visit in Birmingham were built before the days of computers, TVs in every room, dishwashers and tumble dryers. As our home requirements change, wiring needs to adapt in order to be able to cope with the demand. We install wiring upgrades for homes which allow for a higher wattage to be used without overloading the breaker.

2. Lighting Design and Installation

Home décor styles come and go, which often means that old lighting fixtures need to be safely removed, and new ones installed. Often customers will ask us to design lighting for a new kitchen, bathroom, or entire house. We’ll then install all the fixtures, sockets and appliances to ensure that it looks how our client wants it, and operates safely.

3. Energy Efficient Lighting

Replacing your halogen bulbs with LED alternatives could save you up to 69% on your lighting bill each year. For a long time the price of LED bulbs was prohibitive, but now they’re much more affordable and the technology has improved immensely. CLS electricians can switch over your entire house to LED lighting, ensuring the safe installation of energy saving bulbs throughout.

4. Smart Home Hubs

The ‘smart home’ is now a reality and more and more families are looking to create a ‘smart home hub’. This is software, or hardware, (such as Echo, or Alexa) that connects your alarm system, TV, thermostat, fridge, oven etc and allows them to speak to each other. CLS electricians can set up your system securely and efficiently to ensure that your smart home does what you need it to do!

CLS Offers Reliable Birmingham Electrical Services

As the home adapts and changes to new developments, so does the work of the electrician that supports and safeguards it. CLS Total Solutions is proud of the reputation we have a reliable domestic electrical contractor in Birmingham, and we work hard to maintain it. We’re a friendly team of skilled and experienced electricians who’re here to help. Whatever the job, no matter the size, we’re ready to find a solution.

Looking for a friendly and reliable domestic electrician in Birmingham? Call CLS Total Solutions on 0121 647 2127/07791 697060 today.