CLS Total Solutions for Electrical Safety in the Home

It only takes a power cut to remind us how crucial electricity is to everyday lives. Without it we would struggle to cook, heat our homes, light the rooms, or clean. It’s unsurprising, therefore, that our use of electrically powered appliances is growing every year. And yet, our knowledge around the maintenance and safe use of electricity in the home is diminishing with each generation.

How to Achieve Domestic Electrical Safety

As a recommended electrical contractors in Birmingham, we advise clients that achieving a safe domestic environment involves a partnership between the householder and their local electrician. That way, the householder maintains the basics day-in, day-out, whilst their professional electrician attends to the jobs that require a specialised knowledge to complete.

Day-to-Day Electrical Safety in the Home

Here’s our simple checklist to maintain a safe electrical environment for your family:

  • Smoke & Fire Alarms: Don’t be tempted to switch it off, or remove batteries
  • Plug Sockets: Don’t overload them. If you need more outlets, ask your electrician
  • Electrical Damage: If any plugs, cables or sockets look damaged, don’t continue to use them
  • Keep Electrical Cables Tidy: Easier said than done, we know, but it’s important. Also, avoid trailing cables under rugs or carpets
  • Appliance Repairs: Always unplug before you attempt to repair an appliance
  • Toasters: Don’t be tempted to stick a fork in to check your toast
  • Bathroom Safety: Don’t take portable electrical appliances intro the bathroom
  • Child Safety: Make sure that your sockets are covered if you have children around

Professional Domestic Electrical Maintenance

Professional domestic maintenance ensures that your electrical installation is regularly checked and inspected. An annual check dramatically reduces the risk of electrical shocks, or house fire.

At CLS Total Solutions we include the following in our maintenance package, as standard:

1.  All electrical sockets tested

2.  Electrical fault finding

3.  PAT testing appliances

4.  Keeping electrical safety up to standard

5.  Testing fire alarms and smoke detectors

6.  Fixed wire testing

Additionally, we can add extra sockets, upgrade fire or smoke alarms, and make repairs as necessary. Catching problems early is a great way to keep bills down. Electrical problems cost you more, the longer they’re left.

Finding a Local Electrician You Can Trust

Your family’s safety is too important to leave to a stranger. Many of our clients in Birmingham have been with us for years now. Because they know we can be relied upon for all their domestic electrical needs. At CLS Total Solutions we take our responsibilities extremely seriously, and we’ll always go the extra mile to secure your home.

Tailor-Made Domestic Electrical Services

We know that every household’s electrical requirements are different, which is why we don’t offer standard maintenance packages. Instead we make a detailed assessment of your electrical installation, the age of your wiring, and the number of appliances you run regularly. Then we’ll make a recommendation as to the regularity and extent of the maintenance checks needed.

Looking for Enhanced Electrical Safety in Your Home? Call CLS Total Solutions on 07791 697060 for a skilled and reliable local electrician in Birmingham.