CLS Provides Commercial CCTV Installation in Birmingham

Businesses locating in Birmingham are plugging themselves into one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the UK. And with a population now toppling over a million, a high crime rate tends to go with the territory. Burglary currently makes up 9.3% of all crimes committed across the city. This means that 19.8K burglaries are committed annually. The most recent figures show that this particular type of crime is on rise with an increase of 0.9% over the past year.

CLS Offer Commercial Electrical Services Across the City

The goal of the CLS Total Solutions team is to minimise the risk of disruption to business. Recovering after a burglary on your business premises can take weeks, if not months. Commercial CCTV is one of the key installations we suggest for businesses who’re looking to deter opportunistic burglars:

  • CCTV is Preventative. Evidence shows that businesses with visible CCTV installations are less likely to be targeted by opportunistic burglars. The reason’s simple – your premises cease to be ‘low hanging fruit’ so criminals will pass you by. Even criminals admit that a barking dog, or a visible CCTV camera is their greatest deterrent.
  • Provides Key Evidence. Police forces are stretched at present, and for a conviction to be brought, there needs to be clear evidence. Professionally installed, HD CCTV cameras will provide clear images, day or night. These identify the criminals and can be produced as evidence to pursue a conviction.
  • Monitor Your Premises. The footage from modern CCTV cameras can be accessed via your phone. So if you have a small business premises you want to keep an eye on over the weekend, you can do so easily. If you do see any suspicious behaviour on your premises, you can alert the police quickly.
  • Create a Safe Environment. Workplaces that provide CCTV protection create a safe environment for staff. There’s generally a spike in burglaries during the winter months when the evenings and mornings are darker. A CCTV camera protects employees throughout the seasons.

Designing CCTV Installation in Birmingham

Often, CLS Total Solutions will be asked to design and install a comprehensive security system. This will normally include burglar alarm installation and CCTV coverage for businesses. In each case, we’ll assess the vulnerabilities presented by the working environment, and create a security system that closes off the options for illegal entry. When determining the best CCTV design, we’ll also consider whether additional features such as night cameras, ultra sensitive audio cover, or a motion sensor would be appropriate.

Once the design is signed off, our skilled and experienced electrical engineers will install and test your commercial security system. We’ll then carry out a full handover, including the installation of live feeds to the phones of key members of the team. Oh, and one last benefit. Many of our clients have reported that simply being able to prove professional CCTV installation on their business premises has reduced their insurance premium considerably.

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