Commercial Burglar Alarm Installation in Birmingham

A burglary or break in has the potential to disrupt your businesses for days, weeks or even months. Our Birmingham clients that have experienced criminal entry to their premises say that the major impact isn’t financial. Rather it’s the damage to equipment, furniture or stock that slows down operations.

CLS Total Solutions is often called in after a burglary, which is obviously a case of shutting the stable door once the horse has bolted. We’d much prefer to fit an alarm before the burglary occurs. That’s why we offer all Birmingham businesses a free consultation on the kind of burglar alarm installation that would be best suited to their premises. This involves a brief audit to determine the risk level of the business and comprises 4 questions:

1. What Kind of Burglar Alarm Installation in Birmingham?

A wired burglar alarm remains the most popular option for businesses. If you have a large building that needs to be secured, a wired system will ensure coverage. A wireless system communicates via radio signal, rather than a wired connection. It works through the use of sensors that are placed strategically throughout the building.

2. Bells Only, or Monitored?

For large businesses we would always recommend a monitored system. When the alarm is triggered a monitored alarm will alert a receiving centre. They will then contact a designated keyholder, or the police. Should you decide on a keyholder contract, the nominated contact would need to live nearby and be available to respond, should the call come.

A ‘bells only’ alarm is the cheaper option. This is because it simply rings the alarm, should an intruder be detected, without offering a follow-through action. Bells only alarms are dependent, therefore, on the actions of people in the neighbourhood. If you live nearby, or there are people you can trust to informally ‘monitor’ your business, this can work, but it’s not as reliable as the monitored installation.

3. What Alarm Grading?

Alarm systems are graded from 1-4, and your insurer will specify the grade required to fulfil the terms and conditions of your policy. Most of the Birmingham businesses we deal with require a Grade 3 alarm. This assumes that there are items of interest to professional criminals in the building. A professional alarm installer is required to install this grade of alarm.

4. Is the Burglar Alarm Part of a Security System?

An alarm installation is unable to provide comprehensive protection against crime for your premises. We would normally expect to see supporting installations such as CCTV, access control systems, or security lighting. CLS Total Solutions electrical engineers will always advise on the range of security applications required to close up vulnerabilities.

Commercial Electrical Services from CLS

CLS Total Solutions is a local electrical contractor in Birmingham. We offer a range of electrical services to Birmingham businesses including UPS systems, lighting design, PAT testing and security system installation. Once your burglar alarm installation in Birmingham is in place, we can offer electrical maintenance to ensure its ongoing effectiveness.

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