Birmingham Electrical Maintenance

You know that feeling you get when the lights suddenly go out, and don’t come back on within a few seconds? You’re wondering ‘how long?’. Trying to do things – like turning on a light – that you can’t do because there’s no power. Checking online to see if there’s a problem. Whatever you do, though, the bottom line is that your life’s on hold until the lights come back on.

If you’re at home and there’s a problem with your electricity, it’s a mildly annoying disruption. If you’re at work, or you own a business, and the lights go out, you’re likely to be haemorrhaging money every moment until they come back on. CLS Total Solutions provides electrical maintenance in Birmingham that helps minimise the potential for power failure disruption.

Electrical Maintenance in the Home

Much of your home electricity installation is hidden behind the walls, so it’s hard to know when trouble’s brewing. There are tell-tale signs to look out for, like ‘fishy’ smells or scorched sockets. But you’re just as likely to have a problem without those signs as with them. Regular maintenance checks, every five years, will diagnose any problems early and make ongoing repairs where necessary.

Household Tip – it’s a good idea to keep a box in an easy to access location in case of power cuts. It should contain a powerful torch, spare batteries, candles, matches and details of your current electricity provider.

Commercial Electrical Maintenance

UK law requires that business owners comply with the ‘Electricity at Work Regulations’. These state that all electrical systems are maintained regularly in order to prevent danger to employees in the workplace. CLS Total Solutions carry out commercial electrical maintenance for Birmingham businesses which includes:

Emergency Electrician Birmingham

Our maintenance services aim to keep your power supply at peak performance. If, however, a fault develops and you need an emergency electrician, CLS Total Solutions will respond promptly. Nine times out of ten we’re able to get the power back on there and then. Where we can’t effect immediate repairs, we’ll let you know how long it will take us to get the lights back on.

Local Birmingham Electrical Maintenance

Contract Labour Services is a Birmingham electrical contractors providing local maintenance to customers in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors. We’re located in the city centre and can get to most locations promptly if needed. We know that power loss is a cause of stress and anxiety to our customers so we’ll always prioritise this kind of call.

We’re currently providing maintenance services to a range of Birmingham businesses, from start-ups to corporate companies. Our maintenance contracts are tailored to your specific needs, dependent on the size of your premises and the range of testing and inspections required.

Looking for a local Birmingham electrical maintenance provider? CLS Total Solutions offer a range of maintenance services. Call us today on 0121 647 2127