View Our Tips on LED Home Lighting

As local Birmingham electricians, we have 3 priorities when it comes to providing services for our domestic customers:

  1. Ensuring the safety of your home electrical installation
  2. Providing prompt, cost effective repairs
  3. Helping you to save money by installing sustainable energy solutions

The third of these priorities is perhaps the simplest to start putting in place immediately. We always recommend that our domestic customers switch from older lighting technologies such as halogen lamps or compact fluorescent lamps to LED light bulbs.

Here are 5 reasons to use LED home lighting:

1. They Last For Over a Decade

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) last for an eye-watering 100,000 hours. That’s a massive 11 years of lighting without having to replace them. This is way beyond the lifetime of any of the lighting alternatives. So you’ll save money on buying new bulbs, but changing to LED is also likely to makes savings on your electricity bill – so it’s win, win.

2. They’re the Green Choice

LEDs are the only light bulbs that are 100% recyclable. They’re also free of any harmful toxins or chemicals such as mercury which can be found in fluorescent lighting. These facts alone reduce your carbon footprint significantly. Then you can factor in the lifespan of each bulb which means each time you buy one, you’re reducing the production of numerous alternative light bulbs.

3. LED Lights Save on Energy

These miniature miracles are between 85 – 90% more efficient than traditional light bulbs. Why? Watch an incandescent light bulb create light and you’ll see that a metal filament heats up to provide the illumination. Much of that heat is dispersed in the process which is wasteful, and costs you money. Most of the energy used by LEDs creates light rather than heat.

4. You Can Use Them Indoors or Out

They’re built to be extremely durable. Instead of using a neon gas, or filament LEDs use semi-conductor material, making them a solid-state lighting device. Consequently a LED light can withstands changes in temperature, shocks and vibration. They’re ideal for outdoor lighting because they won’t be affected by snow, ice, busy roads or construction works.

5. LED Lights Provide Loads of Lighting Options

It’s now easy to replace your existing lights with LEDs and you’ll quickly see a different in the amount of energy they consume. But that’s only half the story. LEDs also offer a whole range of creative options for your home. We regularly fit hidden strip lighting to create featured areas in kitchens, or dining rooms.

CLS Provides Reliable Advice on Home Electrics

The CLS team take their responsibility as local domestic electricians extremely seriously. If we can offer simple opportunities for our customers to lower their electricity bills, we’ll provide reliable guidance. If you’re wanting to switch from one type of bulb to another, we’ll take a look at your existing installation to help to ensure safe replacements.

Are you looking for a Birmingham electrician who will provide you with reliable advice on ways to reduce your energy bills? Call CLS Total Solutions today on 0121 647 2127